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louis - gentleone13 ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com
16-02-2004 03:07:31

uddip talukdar - uddiptalukdar ( at ) rediffmail ( dot ) com
14-10-2003 16:11:59
Visited your site and found you are doijng some good job. Hoping to come again to see your jobs. Need some time to get to your work-patern.

sallam - egyone ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com
09-10-2003 16:56:22
nice site

Yan - balabone ( at )
21-06-2003 18:08:12
BRIAN - briwin ( at )
15-03-2003 22:41:35
manuTOO Great maps wev'e only discovered TA you have done really fantastic work having played all the original game maps and looking for more exitment of the same found it at your site and even more its been so long since the original you may not even read this but anyway thanks again if u do drop me a email kindest regards Brian
Phem - remote_boner ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com
03-10-2002 17:10:50
Man i wanna help with your Q3 mod ive sent e-mails and every thing to try and get in contact with you but i dont know if your still around i figure you might look at this some day, so i posted here :D Yours -Phem PS i look like a internet stalker hahahaha :D
rapchee - zteeuz ( at )
08-08-2002 12:30:30
i just downloaded some ta maps, but i dunno howto use them i bet i would enjoy them ... B) zteeuz ( at )
TerraOHM - TerraOHM ( at ) Diplomats ( dot ) com
19-04-2002 19:39:08
Just dropped by to get some TA maps. It may be old, but it's still great for all out war. All those explosions...drool....
crazy tn dude - matt4heather ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com
13-04-2002 21:14:41
Great total maps just what me and my gaming buddies whanted. (great site!)
Thomas - tom ( at )
31-01-2002 11:58:45
praised be ManiTOO! I´ve just downloaded your Q2 map viewer - and whoa! it looks better than the game itself! I was also much impressed at how close you come to the original Quake2 look using Direct3D instead of OpenGL. Are you still developing it? can we ask the gods for window mode/Keymapping/Q1&Q3 support in the future ;-) This is - honestly - the by far and, due to it´s different rendering modes, it´s also a great tool if you´re doing maps! three cheers! :-)
big-toof - bigtoof_ ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com
05-01-2002 02:29:29
ahah purée, ca oune tout ca, pis ManuTOO, c'est trop un bon coder et faiseur de gameplay super doué ! chui fier de bosser avec lui sur invasion, voila :) Invasion RULEZ
prawit yothasiri - pyothasiri ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com
15-12-2001 16:27:28
u desing and very good graphic
ManuTOO -
01-10-2001 11:40:11
This is the new Guest Book ... :)
Alberto -
01-10-2001 11:30:49
Cool site...
Name - Seb    Email - pere.sebastien ( at )
From - Internet
Salut a toi o grand Manutoo
Felicitation pour ton site bonne continuation.
comme disent les autres Bye and good luck for the future.
@ + Seb@stien.

Name - WalkingStick    Email -
From - strait from OAP-HP
Hi ManuTOO...
greetings to our Top-Killer from a old guy called WalkingStick
cu in the Arena :)
Name - Blade    Email - vincent.attiogbe ( at )
From - Kelkoo France
well, you rule, guy!
You did a really great and fun site!
Nothing to say about your Invasion section,
but perhaps you could improve your general design,
especially the nav frame on the left.
Another point: in your Invasion pages, I didn't
see anything about the purpose of your mod, a short
description or something like that.
It is probably somewhere, but you shoud add
a link in the nav frame.
Finally, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be
hired someday by Carmack for his next
3D Engine.
Bye and good luck for the future.

Name - Devion    Email - Devion ( at )
Date --     From - Holland
It Rulez... now let's get Beta2 on the road :))
Name - Tom Niemiller    Email - tom ( at )
From - TN, USA Internet
I am intereseted in 3D engines like