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Miranda family
25-06-2009 22:06:47 []
The Miranda family made a music video of their stay. Search for Chateau Cardou on youtube...

Adam Stephens
11-05-2009 16:05:41 []
Dear Jo, thank you so much for the use of Lamostonie for the two weeks. It was such a wonderful place to spend my 40th party. We made use of the pool, the tennis court, had a masqued ball, sung around the piano, and still had time to visit Rocamadour, Sarlat and St Cirq Lapopie. I sort of dont want to recommend it to anyone as it's such a lovely place, and I want to keep it away from the masses; but I wont! All the best adam

06-08-2008 22:08:20 []
Dear Joanna, Can't thank you enough for making beautiful Lamostonie available to the hoi polloi. We had high hopes when we arrived, but even they were exceeded – I really don't think the photographs on the website do justice to the wonderful restoration you have obviously done.

06-08-2008 22:08:20 []
All week everyone was saying how much better it was in real life than in the pictures. We had an absolutely magical time – everyone did their own thing during the day (whether it was lazing by the pool, playing tennis or shopping and sightseeing) and we all met up for dinner each evening to exchange our stories of the day and generally set the world to rights.

06-08-2008 22:08:19 []
I particularly loved your amazing pianos, which gave me more pleasure than you can imagine. The staff were unfailingly kind and helpful and we would all like to thank Frederique and Christine and Jean-Claude and Mme Delpech, none of whom could have been more charming. Your cook, Rose, was an absolute delight and she and I had great fun choosing menus, both of us trying to communicate in languages we only had the briefest smattering of.

06-08-2008 22:08:18 []
The meals she made us were delicious – we were only disappointed that we had to leave a pot of mouthwatering Vichyssoise in the fridge when we left. The week passed all too quickly and now we are home in the rain, warmed only by wonderful memories – and actually looking forward to the next big birthday. With the best of wishes to you and yours, Julia.

Cynthia H
02-08-2008 01:08:40 []
Dear Joanna Thank you for your prompt return of the refundable deposit. As expected, we had a wonderful stay in Chateau Lamostonie. Everything was so lovely – from the warm welcome by the staff, to the fresh flowers on windowsills and mantle pieces and offer of daily delivery of bread and croissants, picnic tables under trees, sweeping lawns and tall trees, magnificent views, the soft sound of cow bells, big dinners by fireside on unexpectedly cool summer evenings ...

Cynthia H
02-08-2008 01:08:38 []
...I don’t think we could imagine any place nicer. Everything that you could conceive would be necessary for our comfort had been provided (although another large cooking pot or two would be useful). We particularly appreciated the cleanliness of the Chateau and abundance of clean kitchen tea towels and new brushes and sponges. Thank you for making this interlude possible. I have quite fallen in love with the Chateau and with Lot generally.

Cynthia H
02-08-2008 01:08:36 []
My sister – the indefatigueable – made sure we saw as much as humanly possible – and the images of the countryside, haystacks, villages, farms and churches we saw as we criss-crossed the region will be etched in my memory forever. I am sure you will have great success with the Chateau and much repeat business. Very best wishes Sincerely Cynthia H (Australia)

21-04-2007 20:04:36 []
We had a fabulous time at Trichot; glorious weather and a glorious setting off the beaten track and away from it all with friends and family. It doesn't get much better....

weena s.
22-02-2005 11:02:00 []
great website..very interesting...i am an amature painter.May be I will join your class one day..good luck..

12-02-2005 16:02:37 []
Great site

John Clarke
15-12-2004 23:12:56
We have just returned from two wonderful weeks at Chateau Cardou. The web pics don't do it justice, it's far more beautiful. Unreservedly recommended.

Norma Canty
04-11-2001 10:11:50
I watched on the TV A Place In The Sun which featured the Lot area. It was very beautiful, and as we are thinking of perhaps purchasing a small holiday home somewhere in a pretty village, close to the water, in this area, I would be grateful for the names/addresses of property agents, also your opinions of any area which may be suitable.

Michael Partington
19-08-2001 20:08:00
Looks super, planning big family party for 2002.

Tony Walker
20-03-2001 21:03:24
Looking for a Holiday location in the Dordogne Area of France! Well presented and clear - Thanks!

John Clarke
21-12-2000 01:12:15
We had an unforgettable week at Lafage!!! It was everything we had hoped for and more!! To say we are smitten with South-west France would be an understatement. We will return.

John &b Anda
29-09-2000 21:09:53
Bill & Joanne: Anda and I have had a very enjoyable visit of your 'site'!! - and are having a few dreams! Thanks for the enjoyable evening also John

Lucy Millar
28-05-2000 20:05:30
We are thinking of coming over from Kentucky and getting married in France next year. Trichot looks a great place - we'll be in touch!

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